Project Bush Academy (ongoing project)

Bush Academy

Tourism in Tanzania creates many jobs and is an important source of income for a lot of people.
Guiding a safari is rewarding work, and many young Tanzanians have the desire to become a guide. Unfortunately, there are limitid training and education opportunities for future guides.
Educating and training future guides is  important for their careers, and indispensable in view of nature conservation in the parks.
In Tanzania the “bush academy” is founded by Jean du Plessis, owner of safari company Wayo Africa. At the “bush academy” courses are offered at different levels. Focus is on all aspects of guiding: etiquette and safety, knowledge of plants and animals, nature conservation, driving on rough dirt roads and more.
RAFIKI TANZANIA is sponsoring young people who have the ambition to become a safari guide, but do not have the financial resources to attend such a training.


At the moment RafikiTanzania is spnsoring the education of 3 future treeclimbers for the manyara treetop walkway. (English, drivers licence, safety etc.


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