Jobortunity studenten stellen zich voor

My is name is Witness Christopher. My life was not good because my parents  were divorced so I didn’t live with both of them. But I thank God because l finished my primary school although I didn’t get a chance to continue with secondary school.  I heard from my friends that there is an Institute helping vulnerable youth (Jobortunity). Instead of staying home doing nothing I decide to come to Jobortunity to try. I took an application form to join the 1 year course but I didn’t succeed because my English was not good. I decided to join the English course and after 5 months I went back to Jobortunity to try again. My English was improved therefore I passed the interview. It was hard to me to pay the school fees because after the divorce of my parents no one was willing to help me paying the school fees. I explained to Jobortunity my problems and through them I got this sponsorship. Thank you very much Rafiki Foundation; May God bless you everywhere you go.
Asante sana .
My name is Allen Lotty, I am a student of Jobortunity year 2017A, I am so happy and grateful to get your sponsorship for my school fees although without you I could not proceed with my study because I was not able to pay the school fees.  Thank you so much for this big and wonderful support. Through supporting me you have also supported my poor family. Thank you again
My name is Emmanuely Alphayo. A student of Jobortunity class 2017 A. Lost my mum soon after joining Jobortunity who has been sick for many years. My father abandoned me since I was so young. I lived in a very difficult circumstance. So my mom and other relatives where depending on me to provide them basic needs. Through doing casual works in the streets I could help my family. When I got a chance to join Jobortunity it was a challenge to me because I had to choose either to proceed with school without earning anything or not to go to school so that I could proceed helping the family. I decided to come to Jobortunity and explain myself and through that I got this sponsorship. I promise to do well so that I don’t let down people who helped me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
My name is Gipson Elibarick Issangya.
I am student in jobortunity Institute Arusha class 2017A
I like to give my Acknowledgment to all for help me with a scholarship through Jobortunity. I feel happy; Thank you so much for the support that you have given to me. God bless you!!!!
Hello, my name is Gasper Patrick from Jobortunity class 2017A. I would like to explain to you about my back ground. I was born in Arusha. I am an orphan who lost all my parents. When I got an opportunity to study at Jobortunity I was very happy but there was something made me sometime feel bad; it was about school fees. I knew that the school fee was going to be a big problem to me but I didn’t give up. With much respect I would like to take this opportunity to  thank you to what you done to me [sponsorship] which will make me to study in a very happy environment because I don’t have stress of school fee. Thank you very much; this will help me succeed in my life. God bless you all.




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