Guides Sharif and Mazee (completed)

tourguide02 sharif_certificate1Jambo Dada,

It is so long time without to hear from each other. I’m doing fine with my family and may hope its the same to you as well . Today it was the time to be happy fully because I was to GRADUATE my course in ADVANCED level. I want to say to you and other members thanks very much for this. I have many things to tell but for this moment it is enough. Down here is my certificate.Thank you so much. Sharif Rashidi.

Mazee Mustafa went on June 2008 to the Professional Tour Guide School in Arusha. Mazee was selected by Rafiki Tanzania to follow this course. After completing his studies, he is a certified guide and he will accompany tourists during their visit to Tanzania. Rafiki Tanzania funded the full program (tuition plus accommodation) for Sharif and Mazee

Rafiki Tanzania wants to thank everyone who helped to realize these studies.

Nieske Pronk-Timmerman, president.

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